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The fastest way to increase body length!

Many people look for all the ways to provide them with a natural increase in length of the body, the long body is more beautiful and attractive to some, and some sports require an appropriate length of ability to exercise better, such as basketball; which require a long body structure to reach To the high basket network, and the goalkeeper in the sport of football; to catch the ball high, and the sport of volleyball prefer to be tall players, to be able to access the ball near the net before their competitors, and so many other sports Require a length of more than the normal length.

Men reach their maximum length at the age of 18, and may continue to grow slowly until the age of 21. The woman reaches the maximum length at an earlier age than the man, where the length is established at the age of 16, and may continue slower until the age of 18, Shorter than the man in total. When you try to increase its length, it must do so before the age of height is established, in which the epiphyseal plate stops growing.

Factors affecting human length

There are many factors that affect the maximum length that can be reached by the length of a person’s life span. Among these factors is the genetic factor; it is the most important factor for determining the maximum length that a person can reach as he grows. A balanced and healthy diet, rich in protein and calcium, is an important factor in a child’s growth and longevity. A non-integrated diet will not make the child’s growth normal and will not reach the maximum length that can be attained when growing. The nature of daily life. The lifting of heavy objects leads to great pressure on the joints and back, which can cause injuries in those areas that slow (or stop) the growth process. The lack of exercise leads to weakness in circulation, which will slow down the growth process. Smoking, drinking alcohol and contaminants also greatly affect growth, especially if they are addictive at an early stage.

Increase body length

To increase the person’s height there are two important factors other than the genetic factor can be controlled and used to stimulate the growth of the body, namely: food and exercise, and for the best results must be a person at the age of 16 if male, or 14 if a female, to give the body an opportunity to benefit and increase Its length.

Dietary advice to increase body length

The nutritional factor is very important for the growth of the body, and it must be taken care of significantly in childhood and adolescence. Protein-rich foods are very important for growth. Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscles, body cells, and bones. Foods that contain calcium and potassium must also be eaten. These are the two main components of bones. It is highly recommended to diversify into beneficial foods, and to introduce fruits and vegetables into the diet. It is a source of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body in general and for growth in particular.

Of the foods that are recommended for sustenance to eat to stimulate growth:

  • Milk and cheese.
  • eggs.
  • Chicken and meat.
  • Fish.
  • Banana.

There is also exercises to increase the length of the legs

Stretching exercises help to stretch the muscles and bones, thus increasing the body’s length, but the practitioner should not think that it is one exercise session will increase in length, but the effect cumulative, and may need months to become a significant impact, and should be exercised on a daily basis. These exercises include:

  • Stretch exercises: This exercise helps to increase the length of the legs, and the Achilles tendon, which adds a few centimeters to the length of the body, and helps to increase the flexibility and strength of bones, by doing the following: stand against the wall, with both hands on the wall, The two arms are fully extended in a straight line towards the wall. Make the right leg close to the wall and bend the right knee toward the wall, with the left leg removed from the right leg a big step back and keep it straight, so the body has taken the position of pushing towards the wall. Start making a push towards the wall and keep it going for 5-10 seconds until you feel the legs expand. Repeat the movement in two sessions, repeating each session 10 times. Repeat the exercise by replacing the legs.
  • Stretch of the Achilles tendon: It takes the following position to push towards the wall, with a slight change in the position of the leg far from the wall, so that it is slightly bent towards the wall. Maintain repetition of the exercise as much as switching between the position of the legs.
  • Attachment exercise: The hanging exercise is required to have a vertical rod suspended at a height higher than the length of the body by at least one meter, and is as follows: Attachment to the iron bar, by holding it with both hands and making them at a level beyond the shoulders. Maintain the upper arms and torso of the body, bend the knees up to form an angle. Stay in this position for a maximum of 10 seconds. Repeat the movement ten times in a row, taking care to increase the number as you progress in the exercise. You can also start with weight stabilization on both feet during exercise to stimulate your body to stretch faster.
  • Swimming: Swimming is easy and simple exercise that helps the body to expand and increase its length if practiced correctly, as documented studies in rats that swimming has a significant impact in stimulating the growth process.
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