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Baby has a cold: 6 tips to keep him sleeping well!


Blocked nose, grumpy baby, low fever… Baby has (still) a cold, and he who for a few weeks had (finally) his nights wakes up frequently… and you at the same time. Our tips to make it easier to sleep during a cold.

1- Cleaning baby’s nose
Imagine yourself with a cold, without a handkerchief to blow your nose… Difficult to fall asleep in these conditions! It’s the same for babies! A baby can’t blow his nose on his own, so you need to clean his nose regularly to clear it and make it easier for him to breathe. For a proper nose cleaning, start by thinning the secretions with saline or with a specific product (spray) that contains, for example, an antiseptic and a thinner. Then use the baby fly in each nostril to suck up all the secretions.

2- Raise the mattress
Since baby does not know how to blow his nose (always the same problem), his nasal secretions tend to run down his throat when he lies down. Result: it makes him cough, it wakes him up, it wakes you up, etc. To avoid this small inconvenience, raise your baby’s headboard. No need to invest in a specific mattress, just put a wrapped towel under the baby’s mattress, at the level of his head. Pillow is not allowed, however!

3- Humidify the air in the chamber
Dry air dries out baby’s mucous membranes. If you don’t have a humidifier on hand, do it the old-fashioned way: put clothes to dry in the baby’s room or put a bowl of water on the radiator.

4- Treating fever
If your little one has a fever (chopped nights are a sign), do not hesitate to relieve it with an antipyretic (paracetamol for example), respecting its weight dose and a 6-hour interval between each dose. For (a little more) quiet nights, make sure you have a catch when you go to bed.

5- During the day, ventilate the room well
During the day, the room is kept clean in order to remove as many germs as possible, but also dust mites. Every day, we ventilate the baby’s room for about ten minutes.

6- When you wake up, give something to drink
When she wakes up at night, don’t hesitate to give baby something to drink. This will relieve his throat and help to fluidize his secretions. It is also an essential procedure in case of fever.

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