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3 tips to modernize your bathroom


Want to give your bathroom a makeover? Here are some tips that will help you bring your bathroom back into line with the latest trends thanks to ecological and modern alternatives.

Your bathroom looks grey, it’s time to give it a little something new… Fortunately, you don’t have to make tons of it or spend a fortune to give it a second youth. Because it’s easy to get lost when shopping in the online shop of bathroom equipment of your choice, we’re stepping up to the plate with some tips to modernize your bathroom.

Conseil #1 – Rénover en pensant éco-responsable

Rejuvenating your bathroom with environmentally friendly solutions is possible thanks to eco-renovation. By selecting quality natural materials, you will drastically reduce your energy consumption on the bathroom side.

If, for example, the insulation of your pond needs to be reviewed, consider plant materials such as hemp and wood fibres to conserve heat.

The bathroom is the most heated room in the house but also the most humid, so choose the right flooring! We will choose a traced and certified wooden floor or a pretty natural stone to bring a touch of elegance to the room.

Preserving water for long-term savings

How to talk about the bathroom without talking about water consumption! Did you know that with a simple water saver, it is possible to reduce your energy costs by 50%? Very easy to install, the economizers reduce the flow of water from your tap while offering you the same comfort of use.

Tip #2 – Rethinking lighting

Lucky if your bathroom is bathed in natural light! The brightness makes it a pleasant room to live in. Lighting is just as important and can be considered more ecological. We opt for low-energy light bulbs or LED lamps, which are much less energy consuming than other technologies. They will also allow you to reduce your bills!

The colour of the room and the furniture are also important

Use light colors when renovating your bathroom. Walls are dressed in pastel or white tones using natural paints to bring light and enlarge the space.

The same applies to the furniture that will be chosen in soft colours.

Tips #3 – Adopt aesthetic accessories and zero waste

For accessories, no more plastic, we move on to noble and durable materials that will give charm to your bathroom. For example, you can trade in your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. Compostable and aesthetic, it will proudly sit on your sink!

Reusable accessories have also become popular recently: make-up remover squares and cotton rods are now available in non-disposable versions, to the delight of the planet.

Plants for a beautiful finishing touch

Add a touch of greenery to this new bathroom with a few plants. They will transport you to a tropical and relaxing world while purifying the air in the room.

It is essential to choose plants that will enjoy themselves in a humid and sometimes dimly lit atmosphere. Turn to chlorophytum, sansevium, orchid, ivy or monstera, for example, to dress up your bathroom!

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